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Following all the steps in a live show, the drops still don't work, which happened last time and I missed the prizes. I hope they solve it or do another way to get those prizes, because I'm faithful to the game and I don't want to miss anything ... it's a twich theme and it's been going on since before wardlords ...
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Please check our support page here: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/fa...-Twitch-Drops/

" Rewards will be delivered a day after the stream"
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It's possible that this issue is related to having another Twitch account linked to your Ubisoft account in the past.

I have checked both of your accounts and can see that you have both had different Twitch accounts linked to your Ubisoft account in the past. I would recommend trying to unlink your current Twitch account and link the previous Twitch account again and test if that works.
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Originally Posted by SerjTargaryen
Yes. i restored my previous Twitch account and linked them...Seems it works now
Thanks for confirming this. I'm pleased to hear that it has worked.

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