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My connection is fine... Any advice?
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Originally Posted by stanskwid
I'm new to the game. Decided to try out the free demo first and I'm glad I did. Encountered numerous DELTA-03s over the course of the last 3 days.

Those that happened while I was just running around in the open world was fine (mostly) but the ones that occur during missions were frustrating. I lose all progress even when I reached checkpoints. I get thrown to a respawn spot that requires me to run up to the start and redo the mission from the beginning.

Really enjoyed the game and was looking to purchase but the constant DELTA-03 disconnects are making me think twice. I think the longest I went without a disconnect was 30-45mins.

Any idea how to fix this? I've gone through the official FAQ on connectivity issues but they don't seem to help.
Hi there! You may have been experiencing more of these errors recently due to server issues on our end. These issues have since been resolved and you should have a less disruptive experience while playing.

If the issue persists, please create a case and include screenshots of your port forwarding settings. We will then be able to help you further!

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