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Hi I Report new Critical BUG.

Steps to crush.
I got on GLOBAL and joined a player lvl 30 in NY to help kill Killer.
I end the video by closing the app. Note: the option to skip the video is missing!
Restarting the game character returns to where the game left off.
Player #1 now begins phase 2 of the feylou movie.
The game pulls 2 players into this video, which I successfully shorten.
Player start in New York - HeveN.
From now on, there is no possibility of free movement to Washington.

Game crash on Map.

I got this bug on one 4 character.

21 days ago - Ubi-Mushy - Direct link

@Heimdall__PL Hi there, thanks for reaching out to report this! The team is aware of this issue, and they are looking into the matter. You can follow progress on our known issues Trello board.