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We didn't notice until the end of season 9, but my husband and I were running the whole thing with me as leader, and he got none of the rewards. We always play in my instance. No big deal for him, but now the same thing is happening in Season 10 and I know he was getting stuff previously. Does anyone know a fix for this? We play on separate networks, him cat5ed in and me on wifi on Xbox. Are we going to have run the whole season twice?

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Hello @Minion1stClass and @renecyberdoc thank you for raising this issue with us.

Can you both try completing another Manhunt/mission with your friends/partners and then leave the group and talk to Kelso or whichever NPC you need to speak to, to complete the mission - then check if you are granted rewards for your participation whilst solo?

There were similar issues reported last month with the keys from manhunts and players not receiving keys or rewards - players found that by leaving or disbanding the group they were able to receive the rewards after, by talking to Kelso solo.

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