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I just got my new laptop and installed The Division 2. My specs are a Ryzen 5 4800H with a RTX 3050, so the game should run smoothly. But when I start playing it the game crashes without any error. I can move around for a bit but crashes right after. First my settings was ultra but tried with low and medium as well but it had the same issue. I have no idea what's wrong and I really wanted to play this with my friend. So any kind of help would be very nice.
P.S I'm new here so pls tell me if any other details are need and how can I get them so that this problem can be resolved.
Thank you.

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Hello there @ShashankAv! Welcome to the forums 🙂

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing crashes soon after launching the game. Thank you for sharing more information about your system specs, as well as what troubleshooting steps you've tried already. If you haven't already, I'd also recommend trying all of the steps provided on this basic PC troubleshooting support article. These steps help to tackle a number of common causes behind technical issues, such as crashes.

If you continue to experience crashes after trying all of the steps shared on that support article, please don't hesitate to update us within this thread so we can continue to take a closer look at this.

Thanks! 😊

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Hello there!

@GhostHell - Thanks for sharing your own experience with us, and for including what troubleshooting steps have helped to resolve the crashing issues you've encountered in-game. It's certainly worth giving these steps a try!

@OLD_KANUK - I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing crashes in-game. Just to confirm, have you been able to try all of the basic PC troubleshooting steps? If so, please can you let us know what other troubleshooting steps you have tried, as well as any error messages you have encountered following these crashes? This will help us to investigate the issue further.