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Happened after everyone's Expertise Table got recalculated (so a while ago). My XP for using weapons and equipment (and for donating) still tracks, but any expertise levels are lost when I log out/log back in. The Proficient list still tracks (I'm Proficient with 101 brands/weapons), but it might as well be '0' too, since I can't upgrade anything.

I was really excited to have something to grind for again, but even if its fixed, I can never upgrade my stuff as high as other players, right? Because I'll always have 100 less proficiency ranks. I sincerely hope the irony isn't lost on you.

Oh, and on one of my Hardcore Agents (whose on the NYC map), any time I open the Tactical map and attempt to go to DC, when I hold X while over the DC map icon, the game freezes, and crashs back to X-Box home screen.

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Hey @CorTeZ667

I'm sorry to hear that your expertise level keeps resetting. Would you be able to capture a video of this happening, like showing it, exiting and relaunching the game, then showing it again, so we can show the dev team what's going on, as I imagine it won't be something they are able to recreate easily on their own account.

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