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Hello, agents!

Things you have missed about tu12 gear. In Short and impressions. And i will talk about gear only.

1) New exotic AR, Capacitor. 700 RPM, 30 mag, sort of Ctar's base damage. Ok, but nothing special. Mods are about crit chance and crit damage.
The Talent is actually preatty meat.
Each hit gives you +1% skill damage up to 50%. 10 seconds.
So what about it? You can start to bla-bla-bla we had In-sync already, but you forget, that In-sync works effectively only with deployed skills (Assault turret and Striker drone). Everything else was +15% only all the time.
But now, we can have +50% skill damage during the fight and shoot those nuclear sticky bombs and cluster seekers with 50% skill damage. Hello????
PS: it also gives you +5% weapon damage per Skill tier which is nice in both Hybrids or pure Skill builds.

2) New exotic shotgun. Scorpio. Six twelve, so deal with it.
The talent is Septic shock. Each shot (NOT PELLET) applies a debuff. Up to 7 stacks. 1-Poison (nothing extremely high, but still), 3 - Disorient, 6 - Shock (good CC btw). 7 - +20% Multiplicative incoming damage (Like Opportunistic). Which is huge.
Btw, the talent counts towards all players, so 4 players with Scorpio can get up to 7 stacks in two shots, basically. Also, it Has Bleed, EMP and Snare effect in PVP.
PS: Cool looking btw.

3) Weaver, exotic holster. Black Tusk thing.
Passivily gain stacks by 3% skill damage up to 10 stacks. For one of your skills. After 10 seconds those stacks transfer to your second skill in another 10 seconds. Rince and repeat. Kinetic Momentum, but you don't need to do anything.
Imho, but it's a bit weak. I'd rather go for Acosta for Overcharge on demand or Memento for a Hybrid CQC build. For stationary Mortar turret plus Drone it could be a cool thing though.

4) New brand. Empress international. +10% Skill health, damage and efficiency (so 3pc will also overlap with first two bonuses, +20% health and damage in total plus additional buffs for haste and status effects and duration).
Cool brand, imho. Perfect for Turret/Drone guys thx to double dip in Health and damage. I like it.

5) Two new named items for it, Backpack and Chest. Calculated (15% instead of 10%) and Skilled (same). Calculated will be my go to with Explosive sticky + cluster seekers hybrid build with a Capacitor in hands.

6) New gear set.Rigger.
+15% Haste, Duration.
4pc bonus - when you INTERACT with your skill, it gains +25% damage for 10 seconds (can't refresh). +50% with chest and insta refresh if you cancel your skill with backpack.
Huge damage boost, imho, can be even stronger than Hardwired in terms of sustain damage, since there is no cooldown. Interactions are - new target, deploy and heal your skills).

7) New named guns. New AR (i can't tell which one it is in real world, i know it exists, though) and 308 Sniper rifle. In-sync and Future perfect respectively.
So no new talents, although In-sync AR (instead of Harmony) and Future Perfect for snipers (idk which build could be useful).

8) New skill. Target Pulse. Basically a Hunter's mark from WoW. You mark your target with pulse plus it reveals a hot spot on it. Shooting that hot spot applies your HSD bonus. Could be extremely strong for pistol builds or Rifles. The mark has a treshhold, so when you deal enough damage it will disappear. Although, you can deal 100 million damage, it will still count and disappear AFTER that.

That was my Imho on new gear. What do you, guys, think about them?
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Thanks for sharing all this so quickly after the stream, As1ronimo! Got a favorite you're feeling inclined to use or build around?
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Originally Posted by As1r0nimo
Yep. Capacitor plus Memento as exotics. And new Brand set, all 3 of the bonuses. Striker drone and Sticky bomb. Demo spec and 1pc China light. That is the first what i can think about.

Scorpio is cool looking gun, although idk about it's stacks, waiting for PTS. 7 stacks is obviously for bosses. Since everything else will be dead already. So for raids it will be extremely effective (Scropio plus Opportunistic, hello +35% additional multiplicative damage for your raid!). But for solo play - meh. I think, there should be a way to stack them faster. Perhaps, Headshots should give 3 stacks instead of one. It's hard to do that (NPCs are pretty fast) but could be rewarding.

Weaver - idk, but +30% damage bonus that is changing every 10 seconds+.... I think it should give another 10% bonus when it reaches it's maximum for those 10 seconds. So 3-27% for 1-9 seconds, after that it's +40% for 11 seconds. Since it's a bonus for one skill only. Need testing though.

Everything else is fine.
I'm particularly interested to see the Scorpio in action, already been seeing some theory crafting with Eclipse Protocol Set or the Galvanize Talent... it looks like it could be pretty versatile.