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Since entering rank 4, i simply can´t find any clothing/ cosmetic items anymore.
I´ve been playing for almost 20 hours now, without finding any cosmetics.
I know they are supposed to drop from large backpacks or suitcases, but no not for me.
Also i´m a 100% certain, that i have not found all of them yet, since friends of mine have clothing items that i don´t.

Anybody out there having the same issue?
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I appreciate you reaching out about this. To the best of my knowledge these cosmetic items are randomly placed, so it is possible to not find any for a significant span of time.
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I will reach out to the team to report this issue. If you could provide screenshots of the cosmetic items that you have currently (Do not worry about getting each item as much as getting each page of items) I can send those to the team to be looked into.
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Originally Posted by Zexterminator
Many thanks ubimark is it gonna be fixed in the next update
Unfortunately, I don't have the full patch notes yet. Once we receive them, we will post them on forums
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Originally Posted by ILoyaltyI
Depending on how many items you have gotten you may or may not be close to the cap, there was a vendor in D1 but the difference between the two games when it comes to that aspect is that in the first game you had more clothes than you could count as I could jump back onto now D1 and continue to collect new clothes where as D2 they're extremely limited I think the amount of clothes I have in D2 with store bought clothes included I have as many as I got within the first 5 hours of D1 so content wise you can't even compare the two games..

If like me however and you still have quite a few items that you know that you're still missing you might just be a victim of this "bug" / issue which the devs doesn't really seem to care too much about so we'll have to wait until they think it's worth fixing or giving out a statement about it.

Considering there's such a lack of content when it comes to clothes I'm surprised they didn't just take items from the first game since there's quite a lot of items in the first game they could just import over with I assume a quick remap & texture upgrade and maybe have some jumpers with rolled up sleeves to make them "fresh" to somewhat expand the content. But looking at Ubisofts "behaviour" in the past few years that is unlikely to happen because people are too complacent with the extremely little content that they actually got (the EA amount of content) or they're doing their absolute best to push out clothes in the paid store with the excuse of "You can still get them without paying though we won't remove the option of getting dupes" (even though a Yellow dupe gives you almost 50k xp which at max level is worthless. But let's not kid ourselves it was in no way what so ever meant to be a reward or consolation prize in the first place it's just there to turn Players into Payers.) but who knows they might just pull a No Man's Sky and fix their lack of content for free.. Question is; can we hold a AAA studio to the same standards as an Indie Studio with a skeleton crew and very limited resources? Guess we'll just have to wait and see on that part.
We're still working on this, Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also, thank you for your feedback, @ILoyaltyI. I'll pass it along to the responsible team
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Originally Posted by DeMo_Isnt_Pro
Will this be added to the known issues list? this isn't the first thread to notice this issue and receive no official response to it being a bug or not.

I will pass it on to the community team

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I switched from playing TD2 on ps4 to playing it on pc. It's been three weeks or so. At first, vanity items were dropping, rarely, but they were. Yet literally after a few days of playing, they stopped. Not a single vanity dropped. It's been more than two weeks since I've had my last apparel from a container. No matter how long I play or how many containers I loot, vanity items just won't drop. And no, I don't have all the clothes, in fact I don't have practically any clothes from world