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Hi everyone,
Two days ago after a Windows Update (which I have now uninstalled), when I booted up Division 2 the game's framerate had dropped from ~100 to 1-2 fps, rendering the game completely unplayable. For the past couple of months the game had been running absolutely fine, but now even on the lowest settings the game chugs along too slow to do anything.

Validating the game's files turned up nothing.

My specs are:
Intel i7
NVidia 1070

Is anyone else experiencing a sudden, drastic drop in game performance lately?

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Hello everyone, I moved these posts to their own thread as do not have anything to do with the crash to desktop issue thread, where they were originally posted, and I would like to address this separately.

Could you both please let me know, what Windows OS version you currently use, is it Windows 11 or Windows 10, so we know what exact update it was?

In order to test if the FPS issues are directly linked to these updates would you uninstall the update, via one of these two methods, depending on what version of Windows it is you use >

Select Start > Settings Windows Update > Update history > Uninstall updates

Select Start > Settings > Update & Security  > Windows Update > View your update history > Uninstall updates

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Hello @fs_slacker thank you for sharing this workaround, I know deleting some temporary files from your %TEMP% folder can improve performance, but using the disk clean up tool to clear your DirectX cache in particular is a great suggestion, thank you for sharing this.

@trashclown69 Thanks for trying to uninstall the latest Windows update for me. I do not believe this is the cause at the moment, but it was worth investigating to rule at least one thing out.
Would you be able to try fs_slackers workaround of using the disk clean up tool, to free up the DirectX cache?

After testing the game and following this step, if no improvements are noticeable, I have a few other suggestions I would like you to try for increasing your FPS performance in-game >
- Experiment with switching Vsync on and off in the game's settings
- Try running the game in the Fullscreen, Windowed and Borderless modes to see if there is a noticeable improvement
- Check your FPS settings for the game in Nvidia's control panel software or AMD's FreeSync software. You can override this setting per game if you add the .exe file to the programs list and cap/limit this to a more stable lower frame rate you can achieve on your system, instead of setting it too high
- Lower your graphic/video settings in-game so that you do not exceed your Vram limitations in the menu.
- Check how much ram you are using and the speed of your ram, in the Task Manager 'performance tab'. Having faster ram installed in your system may prevent stuttering issues. Does your ram speed show as correct? If not, you may need to change this in your Bios settings. Please see your motherboard manufacturers support guides for how to change your default ram profile in your bios
- Check your CPU usage in Task Manager when the game is launched (using windowed mode) for any spikes in CPU usage when playing and any high CPU usage, which may cause issues with performance. You can also temporarily use a hardware monitoring program with an overlay, to view your CPU use this way too.
- Update your Nvidia or AMD GPU drivers to the latest update version available for your model of GPU
- Make sure your Windows OS is fully updated, with no pending updates.
Updating Windows will also update any supporting software the game and launcher need
- Verify your games files, in your game launcher settings, to correct any missing or corrupt game files and supporting software the game needs to run
- Check to see if you are running conflicting software in the background and disable this software whilst playing the game preferably - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Article/000063761
- Open your Windows Control Panel, select Power Options, make sure you do not have 'power saver' enabled, next, check the power save 'advanced options' for your CPU, for any restrictions and select Performance mode if able
This support article should explain how to perform some of these solutions -
Please let me know if you need any help with the steps above and I will happily explain further. 

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