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Vanguard is supposed to give the shield invulnerability for 5 sec right?!?
Yet if I deploy my shield next to that EMP jammer (the one at the bottom right of the map).

My shield gets damaged right away!!
Not destroyed but damaged (within the 5sec invulnerability).
This should not be a thing right...?

I was testing my 100% disrupt resistance build for when Countdown comes.
And just wanted to see if my shield was 100% disrupt resistance as well.
It doesn't get disrupted but it gets damaged by the EMP.
(Again, also within the 5sec invulnerability of Vanguard)

And is the damaging by EMP, a bug on its own? (with 100% disrupt resistance)
Or is it supposed to damage the shield even while you have 100% disrupt resistance?

I tried to find someone on floor 100 of the summit but couldn't find anyone yet.
As I want to know if it's even usefull against Hunters.
(As they have the talent: Overly Perfect Glass Cannon.
+60% all damage & +No increased incoming damage)
Are they gonna destroy my Shield with 1 EMP pulse or not?
Find out next time in Division Bug Z

18 days ago - UbiKobold - Direct link

@dutchlmb4ever Hello and I hope that you are having a good day. I have moved this thread to our Player Support section so that one of our agents can look into this with you. In the meantime, can you provide a video showing that your shield gets damaged by the EMP jammer? Just post it to YouTube as unlisted and then provide the link here.

18 days ago - Ubi-Gizmo - Direct link

Hey there @dutchlmb4ever, thanks for getting back to us and sharing that video, those are some good questions as well! I have gone ahead and forwarded the video along with the additional information you have shared over to our development team so that they can take a closer look into it.

Once we have more information available, it will be posted below. If you have any questions or run into any other issues, please do not hesitate to reach back out.