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As the title says its locked behind the Invasion stuff.
I'm willing to do it this once to "unlock the Legendary difficulty".
But I'm not gonna do that every week.

I want to play this Legendary whenever I want!!!
And not first do 3 missions and a stronghold on Heroic to unlock it (every week).
Keep that stuff for Story till Heroic Mode!!!

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Hello everyone thank you for the feedback on this.

To quote our recent patch notes > 'With Season 10 you also get to challenge yourself and your builds against Legendary Difficulties which will become available for Strongholds Tidal Basin and Manning National Zoo.'

I will reach out to our Division team to check if needing to complete the invasion is necessary each week to gain access to the new Legendary difficulties on offer.

2 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello everyone, I received an update from our Division team this morning, they told us that yes, it is working as intended, all players will have to unlock the mission Tidal Basin each week again as part of the weekly invasion, to then take part in the Legendary difficulty

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