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Hey from start gonna apologize for my english. I want to ask Devs what is the reason for delay for mastery system for expeditions?
I can't understand how you didn't make it on time. You promise you would.
Its first proper new content with new missions and you didn't keep your side to fully deliver new content.
I want to know, why?
How making flashlight, Shepard system, and many unnessesery things, what we community didn't even ask, was able to complete it. But first major content is not even complete and there is no real answer on SOTG or another source.

I will want to know who decide to delay it, and why. And what is the real issue you facing with it. Because i can understand you have struggle with it yes? Why didn't put it on PTS and ask people how we want the Mastery system to works, and ask community for proper feedback?
Then you prefer to make community angry again by making possible to play new missions w/o even have season pass on PTS.
Like i will really love some proper honestly for you Massive. NOT a answer like we will investigate it and no answer for next 2 months like with many issue what players face.

Why Massive won't make proper STOG, where you will answer like the most comments topics on forum if its bug, glitches, future feedback. Anything.

The only thing we can is yeah we understand and we will see and investigate but there is no real progress with anything.
I won't remind sales on CONSOLES together are higher then PC so why you turning your back on us, PS4 and XBox players? No PTS for console.
I JUST WANT HONEST ANSWER. Prefer truth which will hurt me then be dragging like you do until this point.
I think i don't ask for too much.


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6 months ago - Ubi-RealDude - Direct link
During the PTS one of the biggest pieces of feedback surrounding the Expeditions was that the challenge and rewards didn't really feel good enough or worth it. In part off of that feedback, we decided to hold off on introducing the Mastery System in order to better hone and improve the experience and rewards to be more... well... rewarding.

We have a more official article up discussing the Expeditions here if you're looking for some general information. But to be rather blunt, based on the feedback we were receiving during the PTS, the Mastery System wasn't up to snuff and wasn't going to be ready in time for TU5.

As the above article says, we'll be sure to share updates when we have more info to share.

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