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I really don't understand this one: When game launched it was totally flawless for me - no lags, freezes, nothing - I was pretty amazed that online game was in that good shape at premiere when so many people login and play.

Right now game is barely playable - constant lagsm freezes, even 2 second invisible walls that stopped me from moving forward. Enemies sometimes teleport and when shoot at not always get hit. What the hell is that? Not to mention I was kicked out from the game with Delta error few times on bounties (so I lost them).

i don't know the exact numbers but I assume logically that playerbase is much lower than that on lauch week, so the game does not suppose to be on "heavy duty"now.

What is going on? Before patch I also had those problems but now it got much worse...
4 months ago - Ubi-Lucipus - Direct link
We're looking into the crashes, do you know what conditions were like when this happens, if you were doing anything specific?