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So, I decided to come back after about a year or so of not playing I have almost 400 hrs. into it and I really enjoyed it at the time but wow, I can't even remember having this many crashes, bugs etc. I just now tried to load the game and because of the setting reset every single time you relog into the game I have to adjust those settings, well clicking the settings icon literally froze the game, this game has turned into a hot mess, I won't touch this game again, not even 2 days back into and I have had half a dozen game crashes, that's enough of a hint that Ubisoft no longer cares about Division 2.

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Hey there @Rift74, I am sorry to hear about the experience that you are having with Division 2 with all the crashes and bugs that you are running into. I would recommend trying the following, and let us know if the issue persists.