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My guess is that the quality of the items found for each activity is assigned a percentage. And so today it is normal for the player opening
the chests in the open world on the heroic level dificulty - to receive a low-quality yellow item and a violet for ally player.
This means that the drop quality percentage has reached the normal game level. The chance of getting an Exotic acosta backpack is zero.

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Hello @Heimdall__PL thank you for your sharing your thoughts on the current drop rate in-game.

I will move this thread to our player General Discussion section of the forum, to see if there are other players who would like to contribute to this too and so it can be seen by a larger audience, including our game devs.

If you have any more feedback about the game or would like to discuss the current gameplay further, please make sure to post this in our General Discussion area of the forum, as the Player Support section is used for bug reporting and technical issues, thank you.

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