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Power Plant VIP task bad time cheroic difficulty level in relation to other tasks.
If players decide to do a VIP task, only in the case of pro division players, all three tasks are to be completed. As a rule, 1 minute is missing. Even after the update 2.

And we Pro quit after kill 3 first hunter. Wy know so is AMENT.

And we dont need any motivation since we can see that it will not work when simple random guy's go too task VIP and thing is good idea. Even if tell is bugged.


But now we got demotivation when you delete simple drop from hunters and can't end poweplant on chalange with players random.

9 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @Heimdall__PL thanks for getting in touch with us and sharing this feedback on the VIP task.

The Countdown mission was adjusted to give better rewards in the second phase of the mission, to encourage players to play the game mode and not drop out after killing the first wave of enemies.

Please make sure to post all game-related feedback in our General Discussion area, as our Player Support area is for bug reporting. If you think you have encountered a bug, please elaborate and provide a video if relevant.