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After two months of farming for Waveform I get an exotic holster drop and as soon as I step up to it to see what it is and pick it up it disappears. Not in my inventory. And the rest of the drop is still on the ground. This is beyond maddening. I've got to be the only player in the world that doesn't have twenty of these and after solo farming that watch level 4 control point with rogue agents and having it just disappear in front of my eyes is enough to just give up on the game entirely.

It's an old bug with complaints going back two years. Fix it already!

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@honogica Hello there!

Sorry to hear that you've not received this exotic holster in your inventory after picking it up.

After checking some previous reports, there have been instances in which the item has mistakenly been deconstructed instead of looted when interacting with the item on the ground. Would you be able to tell us if this is a possibility? Could you let us know if you're using the default key bindings, or if this issue occurs frequently?

If by any chance you're able to capture a clip of this too, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.