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I play a lot of hardcore. I died at this spot as a hardcore. Please fix this spot on the map.
Normal characters it isn't a big deal, but I'm asking the devs to please fix this particular spot.
I admit at first, I thought my HC died because of a server glitch, but I'm able to reproduce it consistently.
I ask that normal players give my post a thumb up to show they would like this fixed too. If you are able to duplicate it, could you also write a short note? I'm hoping that will help the process along. Thank you for taking time on this! Or if they want to have some fun with it, paint it up and say Death Truck or something! 😄


about 2 months ago - Ubi-oof - Direct link

Hey @Gabriel-Knight this is probably because you reported the bug in the general discussion category instead of player support. I took the liberty of merging these threads since they are about the same issue, and then I moved the mega-thread to the correct category so that we can follow up on this issue as needed.

To confirm, are we seeing this occur anywhere else? Also, can anybody provide me with the coordinates for good measure?

Once received, I can get this all sent up. Thank you!🔥