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For the last Few days something have happend to summit.
There is some massive delays that have started to happend a week ago it was not this bad.

Have tried to change group still same problem me and my buddys plays on different pc's rigs all have the same problem some times its more a buddy of mine yersterday had a delay about 6 sec from open chest and the loot drops to killing a enemy and the damage being registered.

It have come to a point now that me and my friends have stopped  playing summit.
This perhaps a know issue and a fix is coming out i hope.
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Hey @Nazjafa and @Hastur-01!

First, I want to apologize for the delay getting to your posts. Thank you @Hastur-01 for pointing out your post, given the traction there I'm gathering information on that post and getting this escalated for further review. Thank you both for reaching out about this!