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Hi all,
I play on PC and I’m experiencing lag issues since the last maintenance (23th february): half-second delay (more or less) for almost every action, expecially in combat. I don’t PvP, but I help a lot of people in the Summit and this bizarre lag is dampering the overall experience.
On top of that, when in game now my CPU temp is 5-10 degrees higher than normal (45-50 celsius before thursday / 55-60 now). It’s like the infamous “Christmas anticheat bug” all over again.
I checked my internet connection = it’s good; I verified the game files = nothing wrong.
Am I the only one? What’s happening?

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Hey everyone!

I'm very sorry about the delay getting to this post, I see you all are having a rough time with this input delay/lag in game and I know how annoying that gets. @Tyranmedic, thank you for pointing out this happens on PS5 as well. I'm sorry you were given the wrong troubleshooting when you contacted, unfortunately that can happen if someone just misreads or grabs the wrong link.

However, since we're seeing this on a few platforms then and @Hastur-01 already mentioned some general troubleshooting completed didn't have an impact, I've gone ahead and reported this to the team to look into. I'll keep an eye out for updates for you all! If anyone notices any other details about this that may be helpful, please let us know so we can forward it to the team. Thanks everyone!