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Dear Ubissoft Team of "The Division 2" If it were possible to make 2-4 memory slots in character customization like in "Ghost Recon Breakpoint", then you wouldn't always have to re-adapt the character when you switch between male and female. but I have to say well done. would it also be possible to adapt the clothes more to a female character? For example, tight-fitting, hip-high and figure-hugging jeans like the seller in New York down in the subway and belly-free, tight-fitting and figure-hugging tank tops or figure-hugging, tight-fitting, hip-high leather jeans or leather leggings to suit the female character, that would be very nice. hope you could do that somehow

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Thanks for those er suggestions there @Alex05041984 for more character clothing options for female characters.

I will move your post to our General Discussion area as a suggestion. If you have any more feedback or suggestions for the game, please post it in our General Discussion area.