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In Division 2 I am not get rewards for "Specialization" completed research. What corrective measures can be taken? I've already redownloaded and moved the game to internal Xbox Series X storage.

I read another post replied to by a ubisoft person about the beta possibly causing a conflict. I will wait and se about that, thank you.

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@Aryotus Hello! Sorry that your Specialization research isn't completed. Hopefully, we can get this figured out!

To start with, please try going through all of the troubleshooting steps in our FAQ here. If you're still unable to get the research completed, could you let me know if this is happening with all of the Specializations or only a specific one? Also, is the research showing as completed but you're not receiving the rewards, or is the research not showing as completed yet? Any images or a video of this will help me take a closer look. If you record a video, please upload it to a website like YouTube or Google Drive and share the link here.