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Ubisoft has issues, no question there. Reality is it's leadership's fault, not the developers.

That said, it feels like official responses to crashing and what not are trying to downplay or just not openly address a real issue.

Even if the answer isn't good, can we please know WHEN Ubisoft will invest cycles to fix this VERY widespread issue with crashes? Even if it's an answer we don't want to hear (we don't have the people, leadership wants us focused on other efforts, it'll be 9 months from now), just an honest response please?

Help manage our expectations as players, even if it's not what we want to hear, at least it will take away the confusion and guess game.

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Hey @worthingtona

Customer support aren't able to provide those kind of answers you seek. We can only provide troubleshooting and gather information to share to the dev teams to report issues and provide any information we hear back from them on the progress of their investigations into said issues, and customer support will always do what we can to make sure issues are being reported, and we'll let you know when dev teams have eventually moved on to other projects and have released their last updates. The Division 2 hasn't reached that point and is still being supported by the dev team.

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