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1) Players playing control builds, such as Riot Foam + Eclipse, can cause enemies stuck at their spawn areas behind closed doors. Doors close on them when they are foamed inside. The only solution is to use Oxidizer and try to kill the NPC through the wall. However, that does not always work, and when the directive Scavenged Skills is active, it's not always possible to switch to Oxidizer at all.

Sometimes it can happen without the "help" of the control builds. NPC can glitch behind the wall when players use Scorpio and shoot spam spawn areas. It can also happen without any player intervention; NPCs could glitch behind the wall just because.

Ultimately if the group can't kill that stuck NPC, then the level is glitched, and the only solution is to start from the beginning in hopes that it won't happen again. Often random players just leave.

It happens on all maps and quite frequently.

2) Fragile Armor directive, it's hard to visually understand whether you are on full health or not, whether your team member is on full health or not when they have stacks of the Fragile armour.

Example: I was in the middle of the fight and decided to use some meds to lower my stacks. Unknowingly for me (visually), I was 1% off the full health, so I wasted that medkit on 1% and didn't get rid of the stack.
Example 2: If I play Future Initiative, I can't visually tell whether my teammate is in full health or not when they are under the effect of the Fragile Armour and whether they can benefit from the Future Initiative buff because they can be this one tiny % off the full health (visually unnoticeable) and won't get the buff.

This directive needs better health bar colours, or we need a separate UI function for that. Let's say if you are not in full health, then your or your teammate's health bar is red. Alternatively, it would be nice to have a UI setting for buffs visualisation on your group.

3) The skills often don't follow you when players use ropes/jump down/climb up or use ladders. This is annoying because most of the time, skills follow you even through these obstacles. However, sometimes you get into a fight and realise that your skill is stuck somewhere, so you have to destroy it and wait for the cooldown. It would be nice if this minor inconvenience could be fixed.

I'd say it happens four times out of ten when you perform these actions on any map that has obstacles in place.

4) Associated bug with healing and tech skills, I have noticed that sometimes Restorer Hive uses a large number of stacks 10+ to fix a tiny fraction of someone's shield or active tech. It happens in a matter of seconds. You drop the Hive, and it spams someone's Turret in a fraction of a second with lots of charges at once. That is very inconvenient and wasteful. It occasionally happens on any map when players use active tech skills.

Separate Suggestion:

Can we have a toggle for healing skills to prioritise players and not tech skills, or to ignore active tech skills completely? I really don't care whether Jonnys' turret is in full health. Only in situational circumstances.

Separate Suggestion 2:

We have a damage meter at the end of the round, sometimes glitchy, but does the job to understand the overall performance (mostly).

Can we have a healing meter too, I'd like to know how I performed as a healer.

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Hello there @x_Modesty_x!

Thanks for taking the time to share your reports and suggestions with us. Just to let you know I've edited your additional bug report and suggestion into your original post 🙂

For clarity's sake, I'll respond to each of your reports in the order you've shared them.

Players using control builds can cause enemies to become stuck
I wasn't able to find any reports of this behaviour being passed along to the dedicated game team for further investigation. To help us to take a closer look at this, would you be able to send us a video which shows enemy NPCs becoming stuck at their spawn area when using builds such as Riot Foam or the Scorpio? I'd recommend uploading the video to a sharing platform, such as YouTube or Google Drive, as this will allow you to post a shareable link within this thread.

You mentointhat enemy NPCs can become stuck without any "help" from player intervention. Have you noticed NPCs becoming stuck in specific locations? If you have any additional images or videos that show locations where NPCs have become stuck, can you please share these with us as well so we can investigate these further?

Fragile armour
The development team are aware of issue with the Fragile Armour Directive, and they are currently investigating further. Any future updates will be shared within the News & Announcements forum, so I recommend checking here regularly for the most recently shared information.

Skills don't follow you when using ropes/jump down/climb up/ladders
Would you also be able to send us a video which demonstrates this behaviour happening in-game? I wasn't able to find any ongoing investigations for this issue, so a video will be helpful for the game team to take a closer look at.

Restorer Hive uses large number of stacks / heals inconsistently
The development team have been notified of this behaviour in-game, and they're currently investigating this issue further. Once we have any new details to share from the investigation, they will be shared within the News & Announcements forum.

Thank you for sharing some additional feedback and suggestions with us! I can see that we have already forwarded similar feedback from players previously, especially regarding healing skills. I've now shared your suggestions with the dedicated teams for further consideration.

If you have any further questions or concerns to share with us, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thanks! 😊

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