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The kingbreaker was dropping in countdown for me before until a few days ago. Tried many many runs with AR is targeted loot without it dropping at all, is this a bug or is there something with the settings of my game?

17 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hey @KappyKOL ,

We've had no reported issues with the Kingbreaker drops.

There is no guarantee it will drop each time though, as the rewards are selected based on RNG, so continuing to play more should see you getting it in another drop.

If there's anything else we can help with, please let us know!

10 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Thanks for sharing this too based on your experience @Noxious81 , spot on!

We'll keep tabs on this guys, but this appears to be working as designed and we've had no reported issues with any drops, nor is there anything your settings which would impact this.