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Anybody having exotics not awarded through this current rewards track? I got the bloody knuckles but not the busy little bee. The blue print is also locked still for the BLB. I ran through countdown a few times with target loot on pistols looking to see if it was in general loot after you have acquired an exotic (like normal) but all I got to drop was the liberty. This tells me I was not awarded the BLB through the rewards track or its not in general loot yet. Am I missing something? I know I did not break it down as I was looking forward to adding it to a build of mine. Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide to track down this hiccup.

System : Xbox series X
Game pass purchased
Bloody knuckles awarded
Busy little bee NOT awarded

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Hey @MaraxusCA and @montygrips ! Welcome to discussions!

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues receiving Busy Little Bee from the Season Pass.

I've forwarded the information you provided, to our dedicated Division 2 team to look into. Our Team is however unable to restore any missing, or destroyed/deconstructed items. We're also currently investigating an issue that makes the blueprint for Busy Little Bee unavailable despite having unlocked the gun on the Season Pass. Please keep an eye on the News & Announcements for news or updates about this issue.