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Today at 14:47 CST, a solo mission in Pathway Park was conducted. While mantling/climbing onto the large pipes and walkway transitions prior to the "ready room" for the Kajika fight, the player character froze into a sprinting animation and was rendered immovable. A video clip surrounding the circumstances of this issue was taken and uploaded to the provided link below.

i9-9900k 4.5 GHz
NZXT Kraken x72 AIO
EVGA GeForce 3080 base clock.
Rendered and played at 4k Ultra settings, DX12
Game is saved on Samsung 2TB NVMe SSD
Corsair R2020x 850W 80+ Gold
Network: Fiber 1Gb/1Gb

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Venroslyn: Thank you for sharing this video clip with us. To confirm has this only happened for you when on the objective "Find Kajika"? or has this occurred in your playthrough during any other locations? If this has been a repetitive issue and you have exhausted all PC Troubleshooting Steps to help, could you please Create a Support Ticket here with your MSINFO & DxDiag attached so we can take a closer look over this and share with the development team?

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Submit Dxdiag and Msinfo
Submit Dxdiag and Msinfo

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Troubleshooting technical issues on PC
Troubleshooting technical issues on PC

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