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While attempting to wrap up my ascent challenges I bad a glitch occur where it wasn't counting my Rikers Bleed.

I was running skill build with hive, an assault rifle with Bleed and those were the only 2 things I was using and it wasn't counting.... somewhat. Randomly through 8 floors of Rikers I got 2 of them to Bleed. After that I got 1 True sons floor and was able to complete the challenge in a single floor.

So it isn't the challenge itself as the fire for outcasts was counting and Bleed worked on true sons. And the Bleed icon and damage would come up for them, so I know I was applying it. It just wasn't counting towards my challenge.
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Hey Dkulprit! Has the challenge updated since your last post here? If it hasn't, could you send me a short video showing the challenge not updating properly, so I can let our game team know?