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protocol and system mods, pick them up then poof no where in inventory what the flying **** is going on with this? its annoying the hell out of me it isnt going to make me not play the game anymore but seriously at this point im starting to wonder how much you guys test before you put it out there i programmed a mod by hand once and it was a pain in the *** but i didnt put it out to public use until i had it at 3.1.2 and even then i found programming i needed to work on only recently finalized it on the the 2nd month 4th day of this year. and that was for dying light.

i like the game it is finally starting to feel like a complete game and now im seeing new content but programming breaking and i keep coming back to this: did they even test it before releasing it?

i hope you guys figure out what broke and how to fix it but things like this are gonna get people to shy away from the game slowly but surely.
5 months ago - Ubi-RealDude - Direct link
For clarification, you're finding Gear Mods drop on the ground, attempting to pick them up, ostensibly picking them up (they disappear as if you did) and upon looking in your inventory, poof-gone?

YodaMan, you mentioned this happened to you as well with the same types of mods?

Edit: Thank you for reminding me about this, elkyri, what platforms are you each on?

I'll be sure to make a note of this along with the additional details you share.
5 months ago - Ubi-RealDude - Direct link
Originally Posted by elkyri
Video available if desired but it doesn't add more info than already shared.
If you could PM me a link to that video, I would actually really appreciate it.

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