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I'm not able to open special ammo boxes in about 90% cases (it just doesn't have an interaction message). The main raid cache at the end is locked even if I have 5+ keys on my character, all the cases with raid keys are instantly OPENED, but sometimes one of those locked and I'm able to grab it, but that is only about 5% chance to see the case locked. Same problem happens in about 50% cases to the Territory Control cache, I grab the key, the cache is glowing but again, there's no interaction sign on it.
I have checked my game files, I've reinstalled the game and deleted The Division 2 folder in "my documents" section, have been changing different setting in game, NOTHING. HEEEELP please!

13 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link

Hey there @JayeAntee , welcome to our forums! Thanks so much for sending across this report that you've been unable to open these ammo boxes and other specific caches. That sounds most frustrating, and I'd really like to help you get this resolved.

While we've had a few different reports over the past few years of similar issues with specific caches, our team has noted that these issues appeared to be fixed, so it's disappointing to hear that you've had this issue. Since we've had no other recent reports, I'm confident we'll be able to solve this with some local troubleshooting.

Can you start with our troubleshooting guide for me? In particular from the guide, please make sure you are running the game with administrator rights, you've verified the game files, you've got your graphics drivers and Windows install fully updated, and you've (at least temporarily, for testing) deactivated all background programs. 

If the caches and ammo boxes still cannot be interacted with, can you grab some screenshots of this? Here's our screenshots guide to help with that, and the resulting images can be added to a response here in the forum thread using the little image icon above the post edit box.

Let me know if I can clarify any of those steps!