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Haven't played since they did the gear re-do 2 years ago (still feel a bit homicidal about that), and see that one of the SHD Caches in Civics Center is still broken 2 years later. Any workarounds? This is the one in the sewer where the key never drops - Ive checked the box on the wall and killed the Flamer multiple times...

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@robds71 Hey! Thank you for reaching out about this Cache bug. We are aware of this issue and the key should instead drop from a white box situated inside the room where you need to destroy the power board in order to access it.

You should be able to try to get the key from the white box in another player's session. Can you let us know if this works for you please?

Thank you.

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@lunkwillfo Hey, you will need to join another player in a co-op session.