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I find myself looking forward to the 23rd almost as much as I did for the game.

+ Crafting. YES!
+ Some bugfixes, tweaks and QoL ... ooooh YES!
+ I heard there's going to be another appearel event? Oh Mama, YES!

+ Some new missions (ok-ish)
+ (scnr) Some Exotic that will allow me to laugh about the way it looks on other players.
+ new weapons (always good, even if I don't really use anything but my pistols)
+ one step closer to having someone look at the loot system and item/weapon-balance
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I'm excited to see how things shift with TU5. Please don't hesitate to share your feedback when it drops on the 23rd... Especially if you are heavily impacted by the changes.
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Originally Posted by ken31cayman
So what the hell ever happened to raid easy mode match making?
I'm not sure what yo mean.

The Discovery version/difficulty of the Raid will have Matchmaking available but will not drop Raid gear (EB/Spec.Sets).
Are you referring to something else about Discovery mode more specifically?