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Since 9/1 the weekly challenges haven't been working as we all know. Today, I wondered whether the player's statistics were also affected. So I took screen shots of my gaming statistics and played D2. Did a mission, ran around killing enemies, collecting stuff, etc. Quit out of the game and checked my player statistics to see if they had been updated, and sad to say they were exactly the same when I took the screen shots. So apparently all the players statistics have not been counted either since the weekly challenges bug was discovered. I did the same for AC Valhalla, ran around killing and looting for a bit. Left the game and check the statistics, and all the actions I did were updated, and I completed all the weekly challenges for AC Valhalla, and they all registered correctly. And even Far Cry 6 was ok on weekly challenges and statistics. Maybe they'll figured out it someday, and fix it for Division 2. It sucks, all those stats lost since 9/1 and continuing to be lost until they actually fix it.

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Hey there @BSG75_Actual and @Lazy-Raccoon72

BSG, you mentioned that you took a screenshot before and after a decent gameplay session. Do you happen to have both of those screenshots still? Is the playtime number different in those screenshots? If so, please post those for us.

An additional set of screenshots from you @Lazy-Raccoon72 would be helpful as well. I can get your reports of this issue added to our investigation once I have those 😊

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Hey again @BSG75_Actual

I need you to actually post the screenshots here in the thread, or I can't attach them to our report. Please do that for me, and I'll get your info added.