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the game is just about unplayable...every time I log in..within 2 or 3 minutes FREEZE..need to task manager out...Div 2 using 0% of cpu and about 4 to 5 gb of 16 gb of ram....also playing a mission..only to get to the end and ....FREEZE or SEVERE LAG...I die and..you figure it out.. Please fix the core game..new content is absolutely useless if it is absolutely frustrating to play... also thank whatever programmer decided to put the garbage grenade spam from AI back in the game..makes it absolute garbage

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@killbotdelta77 Hey there, welcome to Discussions! I'm so sorry that you have been dealing with these technical issues when trying to play the game. We are looking into the issue with the game crashing on PC, which you can read more about in this thread here. While the team continues to investigate this issue, in the meantime, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try and see if they help mitigate some of the crashing/freezing you're experiencing. To start with, I'd suggest going through our general PC troubleshooting here. If that doesn't help, there are various fixes with explanations (including a video to walk you through the steps) that the community has gathered in this Reddit thread.

Let me know how it goes.