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So my friend and I recently start playing Division 2 after beating the first one and decided to go ahead and buy the season pass 2 days before its over, we were really enjoying the game. We noticed we weren't really leveling the season pass that fast so we decided to buy the $50 worth currency to go ahead and start skipping levels. My friend decided to stop when he reached 97, 17 hours before the season pass is over and sleep while I kept going till the server shutdown, I was at level 99 with only about 25% left to go till i hit season pass level 100. At the time of season ending it said I had about 15 hours till the season pass ends, so I decide to relax watch a film because the servers will be back up in about 3 hours. Surprise surprise, when the servers came back up the new season had started, even though it said we had about half a day. I contacted the support for either letting me get the 100th level reward or some sort of compensation ANY sort of compensation, any cache, name item, textiles, currency. They said they would pass it up the chain and I immediately told them we know how that would work out lol it would go straight to their trash bin, they're not gonna look at that. Fair warning to all of you they have morons working for them because I gave them options yet they kept saying "we are not able to provide rewards from seasons that have already ended." I said ok i got that part what can you do, i got hit with the pretty much the same answer, I wanted to contact Microsoft for a refund but changed my mind because it would hurt Microsoft since I bought the premium currency off them. Please Ubisoft if you can please give me something, anything for compensation I would be grateful, and please train those guys in the customer service department. Anyone else has this issue with Ubisoft customer service department because the Microsoft rep I was dealing with said we get a lot of request for stuff like this lol.

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Hey there @KrAzZiiHaMzZii , thanks very much for reaching out about this.

I understand you weren't able to get the expected rewards while playing The Division 2 - I'm sorry to hear about this. Here on the forum, we're not able to deal directly with account issues, or change any decisions made by our support agents on our direct support channels. I'm confident our agents on those direct channels will have done everything possible to look into this for you, and I'm sorry they weren't able to help more directly. I understand they've passed your feedback on about this, though, so we'll be taking that on board when facing these situations in the future.

Let me know if you've any further thoughts or questions about this.