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I was thinking about this last night, when I answer a call for help I sometimes help with more than one activity. When/if we get awarded XP will we get more XP based on the # of events or free roam we helped with?

One possible solution to make sure the XP awarded is fair is maybe to base it off of the XP that was gained while in the group or something like that.

Or, could we get something from the devs clarifying how XP is awarded and what the amount is based off of?
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I hope I'm proven wrong cause I'm looking forward to answering the calls for help and seeing how it works....but I've just got a very low opinion on humanity in general and this system specifically.
I'm confident. Vast majority of my experiences with Calling (or being Called) for Backup lead to at least a "Thank you!" I'd like to think this is a little extra gusto for those who already express appreciation. I know I'll use it for sure, at least.