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I bought my friend the game so i could get the outfit from the referral program i did exactly everything anyone else did invite your recruit play 3 missions boom but after these 3 missions nothing updated still 0 out of 3 missions played more finished 7 missions still nothing waited 24 hours nothing texted support 48+hours still nothing who cares about the 20 i don't but its the fact i was excited for the outfit more like the watch charm its just disappointing, everything just adds onto it that no one even responds to anything not on twitter neither the forums discord reddit even haha i don't know just feel upset i know its just a outfit but it took me so long to get someone into saying yes for playing division with me and doing this program would be nice to get a respondse from someone who could help with the bugged thing

about 1 year ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hey there @Agent-Tokyo ,

Apologies for the delay.

We're a little busier than usual via our support channels so unfortunately we're not always ale to get back to players as quick as we'd otherwise like to.

I can see we've since responded to your case though.

When you're available, could you please get back to us by signing into the Help Site and updating your case?

We'll be able to continue looking into this there.

Thank you!

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