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Is there going to fix the issue with not being able share recently acquired mods for those in the party?

Or the named Empress chest piece that reads as having 0 armor and no attributes or core attributes?

Or the issue when skills randomly stop working when they aren’t hit by an EMP of any kind? Such as the turrets.

Or the Ninja Bike Messenger Backpack? Where we currently have to swap each gear piece to something else and then back again before reapplying the backpack to get the talent to work?

Or the scope on the Sacrum Imperium exotic sniper rifle?

Or the fragile armor issue where you can use a med kit and it doesn’t fix the red bar? Only way to fix is to down yourself with a grenade and have a teammate pick you up and then it allows you to use a med kit and not waste one while in the Summit?

Probably some other bugs and glitches since the Season 11 was dropped after being postponed to “fix” the issues with it.

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Hey there @D0NT_PANICK

If possible, please record a video or take a screenshot for each of the bugs you are trying to report. We are not able to do much with simple text descriptions!

I can already say that the Ninja Bike Bag issue has been reported and it's being worked on!