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Honestly this bother me, the best to get what was intentionally "good" sets to help your team do the raid... is proving they don't need them. That honestly seems like a backwards way to do them, look i'm not talking about eagle bearer so don't go around throwing that argument around about exclusivity of raid rewards in normal. As far as i am aware the only gear set that is considered good is Aces & Eights, while the rest go from meh to trash, so whats the point of making them artificially rare? If they were strong like eagle bearer we could be arguing about harder content giving better rewards, but if thats not the case why lock the gear sets made for raid when you don't need them to beat the raid?

This was something they literally commented in the first game, how people would grind incursions in the first game for gear set where the people that already proved they could complete the incursions, and instead create a weird sherpa situation
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Eagler bearer is a strong exotic, that is hard to get, i have no problem with being a exclusive reward for completing the current normal version of the raid, and it's intention is being that. The gear sets are meant to be used in the raid, most of them are somewhat weak but have the intention of buffing the whole team instead and you only get these items that should improve your raid experience, if you already showed off that you don't need them.
I see it as sort of in the same spirit as why you don't typically get gear way above your level in the level 1-30 phase on the game. Better gear - gear more in line with your character quality and skill - drops as you do harder and harder content.

Especially considering that Aces & Eights seems to be the only in-meta set of the three for the Raid right now, and the entire Raid can be completed without it.

But, that said, I will ask: with content that so heavily emphasizes squad composition and teamwork, where else could the Raid sets drop that would be as justified?