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The Issue:

In DX12 mode, when I open my inventory or load out, and the background blacks out, the game will lock-up/freeze/hang after some random amount of time. It can happen instantly to many minutes later. This issue can be reproduced 100% of the time without fail. This only occurs in DX12 mode, and not DX11.

How do you get the blacked out background?

The easiest way to make it happen is if you stand somewhere in the game world, with a large obstruction immediately to your right, like a wall, column, vehicle, etc. And then open your inventory / load out screen, the game will immediately black out the background, presumably because they don't want you to see through the obstruction. The obstruction is best on your right shoulder because the inventory screen always positions your agent on the left, which would allow you to see through the obstruction if they didn't black out the background. There are other ways to force the black background but this is the easiest.

Why not just use DX11?

1. The game runs considerably better in DX12. It is smooth as velvet, and you get much better fps. The difference is very noticeable. In DX11 I get stutters, frame drops, etc. It's a mess.
2. Worst of all, in DX11, I get graphical artifacts and anomalies. Such as misplaced textures that extend beyond where they should end, or where they shouldn't even be at all. For example, texture/shaders appearing or extending out from objects, effectively creating walls that completely obstruct your view. As if legendary Summit wasn't challenging enough, but the npcs have no issue seeing through them. The game engine even treats them as solid entities, and projects shadows and reflections onto them. You can walk threw them however as they seem to be purely visual anomalies.

Other information that may help:

I have spent countless days (months actually) trying to narrow down the exact cause, but I am at my wits end. I have confirmed with a couple other clan members that this also happens to them in DX12. They even have different video card manufacturers than I do. ie. Theirs is NVidia, while mine is AMD.

Ryzen 3700X CPU running at stock frequencies and voltages
32GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM
Radeon 5700XT running stock settings and every driver version since the card was released. Even down clocked the frequency of the GPU, VRAM, power consumption, and voltages to rule out every factory overclock
Windows 10 Pro ver. 20H2 and 1909

I've tried so many tweaks, changes, and variations of software, hardware, and BIOS settings it is just ridiculous. None of these issues occur with any other game I have tried - and that's A LOT of games.
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Hi there! I'm extremely sorry to hear this has been an ongoing issue in The Division 2 for you both and some of your clan. To take a deeper look and to share this information with our development team, could you please Create a Support Ticket here with your [URL=https://support.ubisoft.com/en-US/Article/000061449[/URL] attached?

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