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In addition to the now long term glitches like the never ending exclamation point on apparel and the removal of the ability to deconstruct an individual item, I logged into the game this morning and saw your message the Season content is broken but the Seasons content is the lesser of the issues as you have actually broke fundamentals of the game itself while attempting to block us from the previous Seasons content. I can’t even open my map or risk the game now crashing me back to the Xbox Home Screen. I have spent more time this morning reloading the game than I have playing it. I can no longer change directives, I can no longer change my world tier, I can no longer travel to New York, I can no longer reset Control Points, I can no longer play this game today without loosing my sanity. Please fix this serious mess up, maybe get some people to support this game that actually know the game code as the issues with the game have only gotten more pronounced and frequent in the past months. I'm not saying put your A team back on the game, I am just saying make it better than your Z team please.

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the troubles that you have been running into earlier. Please know that some of the concerns that have been pointed out have been looked into by the team and addressed in our maintenance notes recently. You may still experience some crashes traveling between New York and DC, however, in the maintenance notes, there is a workaround that can remedy this behavior. If you have any continued issues you come across, please don't hesitate to keep up so we can gather this back to the team if needed. I understand these issues have been a headache to deal with, but we truly appreciate you bearing with us as we look into these matters.