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After recent problem with the stuck character after last patch I was able to get into the game today (didn't had time to login earlier).
Everything seems ok, no items missing, didn't lost exotics etc.
But I got some apparel cache keys from playing for about an hour and was suprised that on the Standard Apparel Cache it show 64/100 items collected. I'm 100% sure that I had 100/100 before I was locked out of my character, because I flexed that to my brother a few months ago, that I already unlocked all the items. Even using some textiles to unlock some items to get to 100/100.
So my question is, does anybody faced similiar issue? And if so, is there a way to get it back? I tried to create a ticket, but the system is "different" to say at least and as Ubisoft disabled the live chat didn't help either.
Thanks everyone for help. I always try to complete things in games that I'm able to do as a solo player, so this really grinds my gears 😞

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Hello there @BorecPeDRo! Welcome to the forums 🙂

It looks like @Noxious81 has done an excellent job of helping out and explaining why you seem to have less Standard Apparel Caches now following the start of the new Season. All of the items you collected previously should be safe and secure in your inventory. However, there are many new items available for you to find and collect!

If you believe you're missing any of the items you collected previously, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with more information so we can take a closer look at this. Best of luck for finding all your new Cache items!

Thanks! 😊