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I have cleared at least 3 CP’s they do not clear they stay red. Flooded Levee-SolarFarm-Sinkhole


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Hey everyone!

Thanks for getting this discussion going!

@Sheeba2206 did you try what @the_Kettle suggested? Using the flare to call in your allies, while defending the enemies capturing the control point?

Additionally, I've noticed that even if you kill all the enemies at the control point, sometimes the allies might get stuck in combat on route to the control point, and need to be located, have the enemies they've engaged in combat with killed, and then escort them to the control point to capture it.

If the control points don't get captured despite following the above-mentioned steps, could you please record a short clip of your attempt to capture one and share it with us? It would help get a better understanding of what's happening and if we confirm an out of the ordinary behaviour, we can then report it to the dev team.