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One of my maxed incoming repair mods changed to a maxed out shock resist. Seriously ubisoft????? Seriously????? I know FOR A FACT it wasnt shock resist as i saved it togrther with a loadout. Just venting how stupid this crap is. Its not THAT big of a deal to anyone, but it adds up.
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Hi echo6tech1371,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are aware that some mods were changed into different slots or types, and this is something the team are looking into addressing in an upcoming update.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.
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Originally Posted by Rep-99
Any news so far?

Blue mods are the hardest to get aswell because there are so many different ones si getting 20% incomming repair is pretty hard. I had 3 high ones, 1x 20% 1x 19.8% and 1z 19.6% now the are gone....

How sad as it may sound i do believe that if it were the red 12% CHD mods who got changed it would be fixed way faster but since its only the blue ones and fewer use em its a low priority...
Hey hey! No updates as of yet but the guys upstairs are aware. generally they collate a bunch of bugs then roll out fixes with a big patch or title update.