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I'm trying to get a build together with 4 pieces of Foundry Bulwark with Repair Skills on them. I can't put Repair Skills on them myself because I want Weapon Damage on these 4 pieces.
After 250+ hours of farming I got 2 items ?!?!?!?!? I have the mask and gloves now with Repair Skills but still need a holster and kneepads.
250+ hours to get 2 items of a set. Come on people, that is insane. A game should be fun to play and not feel like going to work.

My question is, is it a bug maybe?
I get plenty of Foundry Bulwark items but not with Repair Skills on them,

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Hey @padrialos ,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

This is indeed working as intended, drops are randomized and there's no guarantee you'll always get what you're missing so in the late-game, you may find a few instances where you're getting things you already have / don't currently need.

We're more than happy to pass your comments regarding the drop rates onto the team as feedback though!

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