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Only an Idea, why not make the whole of Washington state either PVE or PVP/PVE, I play Conan Exiles, and when you loggin to an online game, you get 3 choices for the type of game you want to play, PVP or PVP/PVE or PVE, perhaps this game could be the same, play as normal to level 30, and when the Black Tusk arrive, the whole area becomes the dark zone/no-go area, with safe houses and the White House being safe ... And for those that don't want PVP, the present dark zones could be something like North & South Piers from the Division 1

Do you think this would work? ... A game for both types of player
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I agree with you on some points.. and btw! I love discussions like this! I know we're kind of off topic.. but..oh well.
I couldn't agree more, on all fronts. As long as the thread doesn't split up and start having two different conversations side by side we should be all good.

Something to also keep in mind, while player vs. player encounters can provide very unique experiences, we humans often lack as much of a sense for the dramatic as our artificially controlled counterparts. Perhaps more intense and organic scenes, but with a craft-able opponent, you have craft-able experiences too.