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Noticing the quick reply and resolution from the Deleted character by mistake thread, I'm wondering if it's better to post (some?) problems here rather than open a support ticket.

Here's an example, which is also filed as case 14398333 in case that's of interest.

I was examining a friend's loadout via the ESC menu / Social function, and when I clicked on his weapon I got into a deeper view of it, per the attached screenshot. I was stuck there: neither pressing ESC nor clicking on the `Esc | Back` text partially hidden below the `V | Rotate Right` text would exit that screen. (I'm sure I was clicking on the former rather than the latter because the text highlights when I click it.) I couldn't find any way to get off that screen, so I had to go back to the desktop and use "Close Window" to kill the program.

After restarting the game, I noticed that I can no longer view my friend's loadout as he didn't come up in my friends list under the social menu, perhaps because he was no longer on line. He wasn't on line when I was looking at him before, either, because he had just left the session we had been playing in, though he still showed up in my Social menu friends list at that time.

Here's the screenshot:
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Hey CategoryTheory, would you be able to try and reproduce in a short video clip when your friend is online or with another player? I'd like to collect some further information to share with our game team to take a look at.

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