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41s hey Kickstarter said Blake burns
43s co-founder blank media games we are a
46s game company startup based in Austin we
48s were brought together by a mutual love
50s of the party game mafia we love the
53s mystery of mafia leg games and playing
55s with all of our friends she was killed
58s last night by the executioner it must
60s have been him me I'm not an executioner
64s it can be hard to get 15 friends over
67s for a game night in order to play
68s Starcraft 2 mafia you could buy and
70s install Starcraft 2 our game is a
72s reimagining of this genre town of salem
75s is a free-to-play multiplayer
76s browser-based game that allows for up to
78s 15 players town of salem takes place in
82s an alternate universes town of salem
84s massachusetts during the witch trials
86s the game is currently in alpha after 18
88s months of effort we need your help to
91s see it completed help us by backing
93s sharing the page or just spreading the
95s word
96s we have many awesome features planned
98s without support from you the community
100s we would never be able to add things
102s like a progression system in-game pets
104s or our own login system so Facebook is
106s no longer required to play please back
109s us help us make this game amazing thank
111s you for your support
112s please leave your questions for us down
114s below
114s check out our links for our Facebook
116s forums and website and thank you again

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