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0s hello fellow Gamers I'm Trader Russ with
5s some important updates from blank media
6s games so let's get into it
10s first up introducing The Cauldron with
13s our daily rewards you'll earn 175 down
16s points per week as well as a large bonus
18s reward when you finish your Brew
21s now in the interest of complete
22s transparency I'm going to go into some
24s upcoming changes to our pricing
26s structure after much internal debate
28s brainstorming and heartfelt discussion
31s we've decided to offer a free version of
33s town of Salem 2. starting on September
36s 15th of 2023 town of Salem 2 will
39s transition to free to play so why are we
41s taking this step we believe that this
44s will ensure the same long and enduring
46s relevance that town of Salem 1 is
48s experienced
49s this free to play version will allow you
51s and your friends to play classic or
53s custom games together providing players
55s with the opportunity to experience the
57s game without any cost
59s we are aware that the free version of
60s town of Salem 1 had issues so we went
63s back to the drawing board and found
64s several new ways to mitigate them
66s during account registration we check
68s Steam account levels to verify that
70s accounts belong to real and committed
72s players in order to play for free
75s players must have a public steam profile
77s that proves they're a real account in
79s fact our free demo has allowed us to try
81s out many of these ideas already which is
83s affirmed our conviction that this is the
85s best path forward
86s bringing in free players improves the
89s play experience for Everyone by helping
91s lobbies fill faster and allowing folks
93s to show the game to their friends easily
95s so how will free to play work
98s free players need keys to play games
100s they will earn one key every 8 hours and
103s be able to store up to five Keys maximum
106s free players will not be able to access
108s The Cauldron shop or ranked play
111s we want to make sure we take care of our
113s existing players so everyone with a paid
115s account will be given a town deed as
116s well as 5 800 Town points three of every
119s scroll a new pet and a new decoration
122s this is over a 300 value on the original
125s price of the game
126s okay finally with that out of the way
128s let's talk about ranked play
130s we're thrilled to announce that we're
132s hard at work on rank season one ranked
135s play will allow players to earn cool new
137s exclusive rewards we can't wait to see
140s players rise to the top of the rank
141s charts and show off truly impressive ELO
143s scores and that's all for today's
146s announcement
147s thanks for watching