18 Sep

This patch upgrades the Unity game engine and SDKs to keep us up-to-date with modern device requirements. It also fixes a naming issue where the Disguiser skin shown in Featured Items was improperly called Crystal Kunoichi.

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29 Jun

The Steam Summer Sale is officially here!

Enter the world of Salem and use your guile, quick wits, and your mastery of the art of deduction to weed out the evil doers in the Town, or bring it to ruin: ... _of_Salem/ ... f_Salem_2/

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26 May

Town of Salem 2 is now available for Early Access on Steam! Pick it up now for 10% off!: ... f_Salem_2/

The Coven has come seeking retribution against the Town! Little do they know what else lies in the dark shadows of Salem. Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence linger on the horizon.

Can you survive the Town of Salem?

Many roles have received reworks or tweaks. New roles break the metas of old by introducing new and interesting mechanics such as day kills! Beware the deadly new Apocalypse faction bring the horsemen Death, Famin... Read more

25 May

We are 24 hours away from the Early Access release of Town of Salem 2 on Steam! With new roles, reworks, balance changes, and new special game modes will the Town fall to ruin, or can you help lead it to victory!

Wishlist now: ... f_Salem_2/

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19 May

Hey Townies!

This news is for our incredible community who have been supporting us on this journey and will now witness our unwavering support for them as well.

We understand and value the immense contributions that all of you make to the gaming community. Without your creativity, passion, and dedication, our the Town of Salem universe wouldn't be the same. We hope to show our appreciation and support to those of you who have stood by us throughout this incredible journey.

Thank you!

And that's why we are going above and beyond to establish long-term partnerships with our community through something new. The Support-a-Creator program. Through the implementation of the Support-a-Creator program, we hope that the streamers and YouTubers that have supported us for so long will see that we are there to support them as well.

As we gear up for the early access release of Town of Salem 2, we are overjoyed to announce our partnership with Nexus. Y... Read more

05 May

The Devs are doing an AMA on Reddit starting right now!

Come ask us any questions while you can!: ... _2_ask_us/

Edit: The AMA is over, but feel free to contact us through our socials, reddit, or email if you want to know anything else!

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02 May

Town of Salem users be sure to keep an eye on your email for special code that can be redeemed when Town of Salem 2 enters Early Access on May 26th! Keep an eye on your email over the next 48 hours. Be sure to add [email protected] to your address book to help prevent it going to spam.

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01 May

We are looking into some issues with web logins currently. Steam and mobile logins are still working. Thank you for your patience everyone!

Edit: The login issues are now resolved! Thank you for being patient.

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10 Oct

Hey Townies,

Today we are starting Ranked Season 6. We are also releasing a small patch to fix some issues with the QoL coloring and missing spaces in some of the feedback messages in chat, as well as the missing Season 5 Master lobby icon.

Happy Hanging!

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05 Oct

Hey Townies!

With Ranked Season 5 ending here are the rewards you will get based on your rank!


Spoiler: 1,000 Merit Points
3 of each of the following taunts: Celebrate, RIP, Accursed, Defiled, Winter Wonder, Sucked Dry
Bronze Lobby Icon

Spoiler: 2,000 Merit Points
3 of each of the following taunts: Celebrate, RIP, Accursed, Defiled, Winter Wonder, Sucked Dry
Silver Lobby Icon

Spoiler: 3,000 Merit Points
3 of each of the following taun...
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Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing Town of Salem patch 3.3.8 for a new Ranked Season. We've consulted with a number of people from the ToS community to introduce a new Classic Ranked role list Ranked Season 6. You can play this new role list now. Offseason (ranked games not being counted toward your rank) will last a few days and then the season will start.

We're also releasing some new character skins; say hello to the Disguiser, Psychic, and Consigliere! With the release of these skins, we are converting some of the older skins which could only be purchased with Town Points to now be purchasable with Merit Points as well.

Additionally, the community (shoutout to ShadowDior and Tuba) has been working with our team to implement some wording and coloring improvements to a number of the feedback messages in chat, as well as a new feature to highlight lines in the chat which contain your player number.
The full list of changes can be found below. Happy Ha... Read more